When news that the Chrysler 300 is not long for this world  hit, many thought it was the end for Chrysler.  Allpar sources, though, have a much more optimistic message.

First, there’s the Jeep Grand Commander (shown above), a heavily modified and  lengthened Cherokee puts ride and handling above off-road capability. Because its priorities were not very Jeep-like, it’ll end up in modified form as a Chrysler, outside of its normal home in China. Could it be a Chrysler Journey? Perhaps.

The plan is not to make the Chrysler version in China, but to build it here, where it’s been tested in Cherokee sheet metal .  The most likely facility would be the Cherokee plant in Belvidere, Illinois, but it could also end up in Windsor or Toluca.

Second, there’s the Portal, around 2020/2021 , according to Automotive News and other sources. Whether this is the forthcoming “RX,” a Pacifica-based crossover, or an addition to the RX, is uncertain.

And, finally, there are now rumors of a Chrysler-badged crossover version of the Charger. That would be ironic, since the Magnum was the Dodge crossover version of the 300. A crossover would likely sell better than a sedan, as sedan sales are continuing to fall; and it would be more sensible in terms of making each nameplate unique. The new car could still be called 300, or Town & Country, or — well, not Suburban.  In any case, think Subaru Outback versus Legacy wagon, or Dodge Magnum versus Chrysler 300, for that matter.

Chrysler Atlantic?

Dodge has gone down a performance path; Jeep needs some level of off-road credibility to charge a premium over Chevy and Ford. That leaves a third brand to carry the mainstream, and with Plymouth long gone, Chrysler will carry the torch.