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If your looking for racing news & rumors?

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Just a reminder to all members:

If your looking for news & rumors on Chrysler's racing programs, or are a first time reader interested in racing, please visit this link:

We request if your a first time member or have never visited the racing section before on, that you introduce yourself to our group before you post, so we know what your interests are & how the moderators & staff reporters in this section can be of service when we report any Chrysler/SRT Motorsports news to better match your racing interests. (Please click on the link below to get started?)

We do not post MOPAR News & Rumors about racing in this section. If there is something racing specific you want to read or find out about, please send me a personal message (PM) so my team & I can investigate any inquiries you may have.

Thank you & welcome to our racing section on