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Ignition key and starter problem

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I have a 2006 PT Cruiser, from time to time the key will not start the vehicle. I have to turn the key to on and jump the starter with a screw driver it starts right up. This is an intermittent problem, sometimes the key works and sometimes it doesn't
I have checked fuses to no avail. Could something be loose in the steering column? Bad wire? This is driving me crazy. Help!
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Failing ignition switch?
Have you checked the neutral safety switch input to the PCM? If you have access to a scan tool with data stream, the NSS is on the data list of inputs and outputs. No NSS input = no start... Manual trans relies on clutch switch input..
There isn't a separate neutral safety switch by 2006, I don't believe. That should all be handled via the TRS (Transmission Range Sensor).
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