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Ignition Lock Cylinder Housing Fail

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So I drove my '07 Charger to work last night like usual. No problems. Parked it, worked 12 hours, came out to go home this morning, stuck my key in the dash to start it, and I get slop. Sometimes the ignition would go into the run position, but most times it would just hit the accessory position and then slop after that. No crank.

So, I had the car towed to my preferred dealer service department. The service advisor said they checked it out, and found that there is a broken actuator rod in there that's not allowing the switch to close properly. Warranty company won't cover it at all. So, we're pending another $420 repair bill on a five year old car with 66k miles that gets absolutely babied.

I have about had it with Chrysler quality (or lack thereof). A couple months back I had the electrohydraulic control unit in the transmission crap out. Fortunately the warranty company covered the part on that one, so I only ended up paying out around $360 for the labor and the fluid.

I don't have time to work on cars like I used to. That's part of the reason I bought this car in the first place. Its just ridiculous how crap like this happens to a car with a quarter of the mileage and a quarter of the age as some of my old GM B-bodies. End rant.