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Illustrated Plymouth & DeSoto Buyer's Guide - Acknowledgements

By Jim Benjaminson

There were several individuals who literally "came to my rescue" in preparing this book. First and foremost of these was Lanny Knutson. Lanny followed in my foot steps as editor of the Plymouth Bulletin magazine, a position he has more than adequately filled for the past ten years. His work on the Plymouth Bulletin has been rewarded by receiving the "Golden Quill" Award on eight consecutive occasions [this award has continued to be regularly, and deservedly so, given to the Plymouth Bulletin in recent years].

On rather short notice, Lanny wrote the text covering the full-size Plymouths from 1969 through 1974 in addition to the Valiants and Barracudas for this buyer's guide. Lanny's photos also appear throughout the book.

As an oft overlooked orphan make, members of the National DeSoto Club were more than happy to help in the search for photos to illustrate the book. John Gnorski and D. David Duricy, Jr., co-editors of DeSoto Adventures, along with Greg Walters, provided many of the photos; other photos were loaned by individual members of the organization. Richard Bowman, president of the WPC Club and himself owner of a '29 DeSoto dug into that groups archives for photos. Likewise, members of the Plymouth Owners Club also loaned photos of their cars. My longtime friend Alvin Janzen kindly loaned me his collection of DeSoto sales catalogs for use as reference.

Last but certainly not least, was the cooperation of Mitch Frumkin and Frank Peiler of Collectible Automobile magazine in loaning photos from their library. To each and every one involved in this project, thank you.

- Jim Benjaminson, May 1996

This book is reprinted with the permission and cooperation of Jim Benjaminson, who holds the copyright to the text and to his photos. Also see his book Plymouth 1946-1959.




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