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I'm Starting to Think the Dart GT is just a myth.

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Hello from Oakville Ontario, Canada. Question for everyone. Is the Dart GT just a myth or is it ever going to exist?? RT was postponed about three times then cancelled completely. Now the GT seems mythical. I've contacted Chrysler public relations many times and all I can get out of them is "It's not available right now". Even when I ask for a target date for introduction, all I get is "We don't know". With no news of the GT and absolute apthay from Chrysler, the Kia Forte is starting to look pretty good. I've been waiting far too long and can't wait too much longer unfortunately. Does anyone have an idea when the GT will be available??

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Check topic "No 2013 Dart GT, To be released as a 2014 in September", under Mopar News & Rumors section.

On a side note, don't trade a Dart GT for a Kia Forte.. If you must need a car now and can't wait till around November/December, Ford Focus is a nice alternative..
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