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Hi all,

I bought a '90 Turbo I Daytona that has been refurbished a few months back. It's been a great car and I'm looking to use an ounce of prevention to stave off a pound of cure.

I have 2 minor issues:

1) Occasionally (maybe 1 in every 5 trips), the headlights will make a grinding noise that lasts about 2-3 seconds within 5 seconds of turning them on.

2) There is a very slow leak coming from somewhere. At my most recent oil change they told me it was coming from the gasket and repaired it. However, the leak is persisting (albeit at a slower rate). I put towels underneath the car to try and find it but am having a hard time tracking it down.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a bad leak at the rear main seal. I will need to remove the tranny to deal with it but.... I mention this to suggest that you may have the same problem. Otherwise the head gasket can 'seep' as can the valve cover gasket.

Since it's a turbo it could also be the oil feed or return lines to/from the turbo.

Otherwise it's a seal or gasket somewhere. :)

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You really have to clean the engine fairly well and then look for leaks daily. I was using a quart every 1200 miles, and it was near the left rear corner of the engine. Worst part was it would pool up on top of the transmission case within a couple of days. I wiped it down and determined that it was coming out from somewhere lower than the valve cover gasket. Months later my thermostat stuck and wiped out my head gasket. When I replaced the head gasket the leak went away. Sure enough, it was seeping from the corner of the head gasket.

More commonly it is the valve cover gasket, sometimes it's the breather hose from valve cover to the airbox, or the PCV hose.
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