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Imperial Crown question

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You gave me the tech tip:

There was a Chrysler Tech Tip TT9001840 that addressed uneven rear pad wear/noise on the 2009 RT-body. I don't know if this is what is happening here. The piston should screw in with downward pressure and turning clockwise. Make sure that the rubber boot doesn't twist with the piston turning. If the new pads have 180 degree locating nubs on the lining backing plate, make sure that they fit in the piston recess slots. Issue Description: For uneven pad wear, off-brake noise, or an issue other than piston doesn't screw-in or re-adjust out, do not replace caliper assy. Instead, replace adapter bracket PN 68029886AA, both rear brakes. Add grease PN 04796269 to new adapters in four locations (under pad clips only - not on pad side).

I'm a little confused because the bracket 68029886AA (about $30 list) has been superseded by one which costs about twice as much. So, is that the new part number or the one being replaced,i.e., which part number should I be putting back on the car?
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Yes, that was an older TT. The part # 68029886AA has been superseded to 68192437AA.
Something must have changed with the part. Use the newer version.
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