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Imperial Rendering

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I thought I already had an Imperial thread? Guess not.

Updated the original by bringing down the window and mirror.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting
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This one?:

I'm partial to the high-beltline/reduced glass area of designs. It was difficult backing up in the Caliber, even with the mirrors (it didn't have a camera). I liked the outward visibility of the Neon.

The design did well on the 300 for folks that wanted the 'gangsta' look. My sociologist professor friend called the trend a 'siege-mentality'.
Sheetmetal also weighs less & costs less than glass, so there's that.

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Oh thanks, I couldn't find it! The left side I realized had the window line correct, but the other side was too high due to the nature of the image I was able to fit together. To me bringing the windowline down fixes the proportion issue it was having.
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