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TWX said:
Just to help everyone, what motor is in it? If it's the inline four then it'll be the 2.4L, if it's a V6 then it could be a 3.3, could be a 3.8. Knowing would help.
It could also be a 3.0, but the waterpump bolt make me think it's a 3.3 or 3.8 since those are the only ones with an external water pump.

Nico Le said:
Thinking that might be what is causing the trans not to go above 35 mph. Yes, I bought a van with transmission problems, thinking it just needed a fluid change. oops. Still think it might be a wiring or sensor or solenoid thing, not internal. Trans was rebuilt 50K miles ago.
You should post the error codes you received, especially the exact transmission ones. There are many poor rebuilds (especially those that use Dexron fluid plus an additive) that was junk by 50k miles. Even with the OBDII transmission codes, the problem may not be evident. If the OBDII codes don't help you need a sophisticated scanner that can communicate with the transmission computer. Yes, that will cost money but it will tell you if the transmission is junk and if it's time to cut your losses.

As for the radiator, if the engine can't run at the proper temp you can fail an emission test. NOx will be high if the vehicle runs warm. Do they do an actual tailpipe test or do they jut require the computer to be free of error codes?
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