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Welcome to the forum. Floor pans are a hard one for this era, weren't quite that many of them kept around like the Fords, so if you find them that is the best you are going to be able to do, low volume stampings, if available, aren't going to be that cheap, so don't know of any company that actually does them off top of my head. As far as the trans hump goes, more than likely you are going to have to fabricate that yourself, had to do the same for my Nash, so in your case I would suggest one out of a pickup floor, taking some of the firewall out to work the lip/transition to the firewall appearance.

As far as the name/type of car you have, what you have is a 2 door sedan. One cannot have a coupe and a sedan together, so you have a 2 door sedan, which is essentially the 4door body with only 2 doors, which is pretty cool for the extra room, nice looking cars back then. Sounds like a fun project, pictures if you have any are always liked around here.
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