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Infinity II Radio problem

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Need a little help diagnosing an issue with a 4469084 Infinity II AM/FM Cassette Radio. Don't know what it is but I always liked this radio more than others for my 89 Daytona. A friend gave me this radio and when I connect it to the car the LED Clock turns on But the Power ON/OFF Button does nothing. The button feels right to the touch when I push on it.
Any thoughts? Is there an internal fuse? I read that there is a power module. OR should I just look to buy another one.

Also, does anyone know who rebuilds these radios. I used to use United Radio in Syracuse NY but that was years ago.

I also heard that there is a company that would take the radio and replace the inside with up to date electronics and add a port for MP3 players or ipods etc.

i would also be interested in the fancyer AM/FM Cassette CD Radio from the 90's.

Thanks all!
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The soft-touch power button should actuate an internal relay which you should hear as a secondary 'click'. Both ign power and battery power terminals must be powered on as well as a good secure ground. You might want to power it up out of the car on a bench with the covers off for some preliminary checks and to probe for poor connections, especially if the radio has sat for a long time. No serviceable internal fuse that I know of, but something else may be open.
I used to power up a dead radio through the power antenna output terminal in order to bypass and test the power switch, but that may not work with the turn-on logic of newer radios.
United Radio is still doing business for Chrysler electronics. Being in here western NY, we use them regularly for repairs and exchanges.
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