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inline filter

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hi all
just joined today and hoping for some info.
i have a w reg pt cruiser 2.0l.
i wanna fit an inline filter to the power steering pipe from the reservoir.
does any one know which pipe i fit it to,,i assume its the smaller pipe of the two.
also what is the size of the filter i need.
thanks in advance
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It goes in the return line, the one which has hose clamps on each end.
Welcome to Allpar. There is a mesh screen in the reservoir to capture larger debris. Replace the reservoir if the screen becomes restricted.
If there is debris in the P/S fluid, you need to find out what is coming apart (rubber or metal?). A complete P/S flush should clear the system. If it is still getting dirty after that, you need to find out why.
What year? The correct fluid type is also important.
thanx for the replies,,its a 2001 2.0l touring
i only bought it about a month ago,,i've liked them ever since they came out.
payed £450 for it with 3 months mot.
it was draining the battery when i got it but i just rerouted the wires for the fog lights onto a switch,,good as gold now.
i took the reservoir off and cleaned it out as it was a sludge in the bottom and the steering was whining,,since the clean,
its nice and quiet but i thought rather than having to keep cleaning it i would put a an inline filter in instead.
there's 2 pipes,,1 at the bottom of the reservoir (small pipe) and 1 half way up (large pipe).
Am improved multifunction (column) switch was released in 2005 for a 'foglamps staying on' issue.
Keep an eye on the fluid condition. If it darkens again flush the P/S system with the correct fluid (meeting the Chrysler MS spec) and I would suggest replacing the reservoir assembly as well.
I always like to learn the price of the part I am trying to protect. Sometimes I fairly run to the parts store with extreme enthusiam to buy the protection part.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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