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Installing a 360 into 1975 valiant

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I have installed a 360 into my 1975 Valiant. I left the slant 6 k-member in place and used Schumacker's motor mounts.
This is the first time I have taken on this type of a project and I am fearing that I'm in way over my head.
I was told to install the motor and then the tranny. The motor is in, but it is not sitting square inside the compartment. Right to left is not out of level to bad, but front to back is way off. If I jack it up level then how do I get the tranny connected?

Should the hole motor be level, or is there supposed to be pitch?
How can I make the motor sit square inside the compartment ?
Does anyone have some tricks to save me?
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To the OP: the 360 was a factory option in the 1974-76 Mopar A body so you may be wise in picking up a factory service manual to guide you through the 'PITA' issues unless you can get someone to walk you through any possible pitfalls. :)
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