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Installing An Aftermarket Radiator Fan Temperature Control

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1995 Dodge Spirit 3.0 V-6

After long and painstaking troubleshooting I zeroed in on why the radiator fan refused to come on unless the A/C was switched on. I replaced all the sensors and the pigtails and soldered them. The relay is working fine but apparently the signal just isn't doing anything between the relay and the computer or in the computer itself. A couple of aftermarket AutoZone kits with the probe that jams into the radiator fins have come and gone and I'm tired of running the fan through a bosch relay connected to an ignition signal.

I purchased a cast iron thermostat housing that has the identical dimensions of the OEM. A machine shop drilled and tapped a hole on top for a standard contact (two .250" male faston connectors). I purchased the temp sensor which is marked 190 degrees. My plan is to change to the new system, run a new harness to a new Tyco relay protected with a 25 amp ATO fuse, I will use the existing ignition signal wire to trigger the relay. I will not involve the nearby computer thermal sensor in this modification.

I will refill the radiator until water bleeds out of the top of the new cast iron thermostat housing then tighten down the sender and connect the wires.

But before I start, I certainly will ask for opinions. I am 74 miles down a dirt road off Mex 1, 550 miles south of the US border, and I tend to be a bit more conservative before disabling my auto. I have new metric fasteners to replace the OEM when doing the job. Thank You in advance.
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Wrong side of radiator. You want the fan sensor on the ouput of the radiator, not on the output of the engine. With the thermostat housing location the fan will run all the time.
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