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I would lean towards wanting to find and fix the problem first, maybe even if it was up to a failed PCM.
Be sure that you are looking at the right CTS (coolant temperature sensor) as there are two of them. The violet wire one is for the dash cluster gauge. The 2-wire one is the temp signal for the PCM and is the one you want to test and/or repair. I believe that the supplied 5v return voltage should drop as the temperature rises. Checking this return (signal) voltage at the PCM connector would also test the integrity of the entire supply/return circuit of the CTS. Do you have a service manual wiring diagram for the car?
An OBD I scan tool with the Chrysler connector would show what the PCM sees in the way of temperature readings and also radiator fan relay on/off state.
Is there a radiator fan relay or CTS fault code?
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