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Instrument Cluster Question

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Have question about an 88 Caravan instrument cluster. I like the optional clusters with the tachometer ( for grins and giggles). However, I have not seen too many recently in the junkyards with the tach. But today, I found a unit in an 88 and took it out. Problem is the van had the 3.0 V-6 engine. My cars are 2.5 four cylinders. I realize the speedo goes up to 125 on the V-6 models, while the speedo for the four banger only goes to 85 MPH.

My question is: Can I simply change out the speedo unit from the 125 to the 85 MPH speedometer????

Is there something else that has to be done?? Thanks for any and all replies. Have a wonderful Labor Day.
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You should be able to install it as is if you like the 125 mph speedometer. But you should be able to disassemble and swap the speedometer if you want. You can also keep the 125 MPH speedometer and swap your odometer over to it.
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