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Hey Guys.......What's the purpose & function for the intake manifold jet on the 318 eng.
With the 2 bbl.carb removed looking down the pass. side ventui port you can see this threaded 3/4" hex, acorn head manifold jet w/4 vents.

I have a 318 with a vacume leak when cold. It has the symtpms of a cracked intake manifold, but that's highly inlikely on the SB V-8 engs. Before pulling the manifold for complete inspection I want to eliminate the possibilty that the manifod jet is the vacume leak problem.
The EGR valve has been blocked off & the intake vacume tree is capped off & intake torque checked.

Any comments or opinions are welcome..........Thanks, Oldwagon2 > [email protected]

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That sounds like the EGR passage. It's where the gases feed into the intake.
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