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I've got a custom one from Jerry :D

Jerry's got nice balls :cool:

Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad it has held up fine after all these years.

I've still got a large selection of various themed shifter balls for the atx and the mtx. I also have some custom one-off console shifter bezels to match the custom shifter balls. I also have several different styles of wheel center caps and one-off door sill scuff plates. They are all available in black, white or custom matched to your OEM body color and they all have my custom, one-off graphics. Some are in themes that I'll guarantee you would never think of.

Believe me when I say that you've never seen anything like them before.

All of my one off items are fully disassembled and primered, prepped, painted with oem PT paint that matches your PTS exterior colors and then then several coats of clear. They match your existing body colors exactly. They then receive my custom one-off graphics. There is simply nothing like my products anywhere on the market for our CRUISERS.

Getting ready to go to hospital right now. I'll be back later this evening to fill you in more and answer any questions that you might have.

I am certain that when I receive my copay bills from my recent stay at the hospital and now my wife's care there, that I'm going to be needing all the funds that I can round up.

Love to you all.

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