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Interiour 63 Fury

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RE: 63 plymouth fury restore project, would love to replace the headliner which is a foam product that has stripes impressed into it. It almost gives a corduroy look. It set the tone of the interior. Seems like it was only done in Canadian made machines, being I have spoken to same year cars in the US and they had the usual headliner we all know. This is a family vehicle since day 1 and I know It is correct.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I haven't seen anything, but, if you find an upholstery store you should be able to find something that matches and have it sewn up.
Not sure about Canadian Fury's, but the American version could get two different styles of headliner. The fabric style with bows or the hardboard perferated with external stainless bows. Ribbed fabric could very easily be a Canadian style.
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