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I had a similar issue but I was getting a code on my 1987 600se.

The car would just shut down. I cranked until the battery died then had it towed home. I changed out a number of parts but I believe the issue was the contacts to the injector cap, the wire from the injector cap to the connector, and the connector plug.

I spliced a new connector plug as the wire insulation was brittle and parts of the insulation had fallen off exposing small areas of wire.

The wiring from the connector to the injector plug also showed insulation having broken off and was making contact to the throttle body. I believe this was the main issue as vibration could have forced a grounding issue at times and caused the car to just shut off. At first I used liquid tape to cover this area of concerned and it seemed to work. I eventually replaced this connector with a spare.

The injector contacts inside the connector cap were also a bit loose so I gently tried to close them up a bit. I then used a tiny amount of dielectric grease and put it all back together.

I believe the above was the main issue but I also changed out the alternator, plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap, pickup coil, and coil.

Every time you disconnected the battery you reset the computer faults and I think that helped restore the vehicle to drivability until it shorted out again.

Hopes this helps.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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