Two new colors have been generating a good deal of excitement among Dodge fans — a deep, deep purple dubbed In-Violet (coded PHR), and a new green which is quite far from the fluorescent SubLime that brightened classic and modern cars alike.

In-Violet will be used on the 2018 Durango, at the very least; while the new F8 Green (it’s not what you think, old-time WordPerfect users) was first seen on the Demon, and is now on Chrysler cars under a different name.

While the 1970s In-Violet was simply Plymouth’s name for Dodge’s Plum Crazy Purple, the modern incarnation of In-Violet is redder and far darker than Plum Crazy.

Mike V. broke the news of In-Violet on the Allpar forums some time ago; F8 Green has also been making the rounds for a while.