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A well-established Allpar source has written that FCA is planning to sell Chery cars in Mexico, under the “by Dodge” name, as its Fiat-based cars have failed to get strong market share and the Mitsubishi-based cars may be reaching the end of their life.

Fiat Tipo in Neon form

Currently, the Dodge Attitude, a rebadged Mitsubishi Mirage, is a strong seller, but Mitsubishi has joined up with Nissan. As a result, FCA may lose access to Mitsubishi’s cars and small pickups in upcoming years.

The source, who calls himself “Mr. Source,” wrote that negotiations haven‘t been finalized, and the company could be Chery or Changan; the Chery Tiggo 4 has been tested in Mexico (though not necessarily by FCA). Other possible models would be the Fulwin, Tiggo, Arrizo, and Benni; the Tiggo 4 is a small crossover. While FCA is linked with GAC, the latter company may not be interested in selling cars under another company’s badge, or may not have appropriate product.

Chinese cars are already sold in Mexico, and have been overcoming quality perceptions whether under their own name (e.g. BAIC) or under familar names (Chevy Aveo and Cavalier). Meanwhile, Fiat has been moving their cars more upmarket, leaving a gap at the bottom.

How valid is this tip? We reached out to a company spokesman, who said they had no comments, adding “it is only speculation” and that there was nothing official from FCA México.

Read the whole post here.
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