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Is Fiat Freemont V6 AWD worth buying?

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I am considering buying Fiat Freemont V6 AWD. Can anybody tell me sth about reliability of this car or reliability of 2011-2012 Dodge Journey SXT? I am expecting to use it for 3-4 years and 60k miles. pls help and thanks in advance.
Here in Europe it's quite new product so not much feedback about it.
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Interior is nice, haven't had any customers with squeak/rattle complaints. The odd one but you get the odd fuss out there.
Go with the V6 option, I know it will cost you more at the pump and for taxes based on fuel usage and insurance (I am from England so I understand its hard to run a 3.0 +). The 2.4 engine is way too underpowered for this vehicle and you will find yourself upset for the remainder of the payments!
Yeah there are some electrical issues but that was with the 2011 model. Most of the issues are fixed with software updates or resets. Maybe the odd radio.
Brakes haven't seen many issues with the 2011/12. the 09/10 had a real issue due to the design of the brakes, found if the customer serviced the brakes every 6 months and when we used a high quality grease the issues were fixed.
Where abouts are you Marek?
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