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Is it an 86 or an 85?

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I was looking at a nice old 86 (or 85) Aries today. I'm not sure of the mileage because of the 5 digit odometer, but the body is solid, hardly a rust spot on it anywhere. It's been sitting since 2007 but the guy moves it around his yard whenever he mows the grass. It needs a good heavy duty cleaning on the body (moss growing on it lol), a flex pipe and some brake work on the rear left wheel. Being 8 years older than my 94 Spirit, it's in much better shape, mechanically and body-wise. The guy says it's an 86, but it's got a carburetor and 4 bolt wheels. I thought they all got fuel injection in 86? My old 86 Lebaron had fuel injection and 5 bolt wheels too I think. He's asking 700 but is readily open to offers. Check out the ad for it (I see it now says the car is an 85).
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Any car that has been sitting on grass can rust underneath really fast. Pay very close attention to brake and fuel lines.
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