According to Allpar sources, Jeep is doing quite well in the U.S. small and compact crossover markets, holding its own even against GM and Toyota in retail sales — that is, sales to individuals, excluding fleet buyers. Anyone can look up total sales by model; but retail sales by model tend to be harder to find.

The Renegade reportedly tops sales in the retail small crossover field, coming out just ahead of the Chevy Trax and Honda HR-V, and creaming the Buick Encore and Toyota C-HR (the 500X is barely registering).

The vehicles are all close in average selling price, around $21,000 (exceptions: the Honda runs to $23,000, and the Chevy is a bit less than $19,000).

On the compact crossover stage, the Hyundai Tucson beats the Compass, by a small margin; both have around 23% retail share, together accounting for nearly half of segment sales, but the Compass costs $3,000 more. That makes it the most expensive mainstream compact crossover.

The other players are the Kia Sportage (a version of the Tucson), the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Volkswagen Tiguan, and the Jeep Patriot.  The Compass actually sells for around $1,400 more than the Tiguan, on average, despite VW’s traditional premium pricing.

renegade desert hawk

Ah, but what about incentives? In the past, FCA, and DaimlerChrysler before it, “bought sales” with massive rebates. The Renegade followed that practice, with roughly $5,000 per vehicle on the hood — enough to bring the actual price paid down below any competitor besides the Trax.   The segment seems to attract incentives: Buick and Chevy both slammed $4,000 on the hood, and Toyota added nearly $3,000. But Honda seems to be the strongest player, with the highest sales and incentives under $1,000 per car.

The Compass did better, with among the lowest incentives in its group — well below Hyundai or Volkswagen.

The Renegade is doing well, but it could use a little boost, say from powertrain improvements; and the new Jeep Compass is a solid hit. Adding the new eTorque powertrain to the Compass could make it a home run.