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topgun said:
The Toyota Tacoma still sells well. 141,365 US sales in 2012. There is a market for the right vehicle.
170,000 was back in 2007 before the economy tanked. Now that is is picking up again, the numbers are coming back up.
But what are the Tundra sales like? Everyone I know that bought a Tundra around here, is going back to a Ram/GMC/Ford cause the Tundra just doesn't stand up. It may be that the Tacoma has good sales numbers cause it's the good Toyota truck.

I bought my Dakota cause it was (1) a new design, as compared to the Dodge Rams (2) had a V6 which I thought may get better mileage than my D150 (probably would have if I'd stuck to my guns and ordered it with a 3.73 axle) & (3) was as capable as the fullsize truck, other than not being able to fit a 4' wide sheet of plywood between the wheelwells. B)

I'm awaiting Suzq' Dakota idea
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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