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Is the Dakota dead?

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Or what?
Its been a couple of years now and nothing. The only small truck that seems to be holding true for USA is the Chev Colorado and a brand-new is right around the corner. Ford as of right now, is not bringing the updated Ranger to the USA.. I just think they are just scared of pulling the trigger on the Dakota because, the Ram is selling so, well.
I see nothing wrong with a 4/6 cynl truck getting 30 Mpg or more. I would imagine it being a #1 seller if designed right. RamPage? I dont know.. They should collaberate with Honda on the next Ridgeline so, they can save a little money and have 2-options. Any more thoughts on this? Its been awhile since I have heard any news on this and thought I would bring it back up. RP :cop:
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CherokeeVision said:
Always last to the party.

Chrysler did well back when it was first to the party. First mini van, first downsized SUV with four doors (XJ). Both of those products sold very well for a very long time.
Not trying to be that guy, but Chrysler didn't produce the first downsized SUV with 4 doors. AMC did.
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