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Mr.Source said:
Chrysler needs a pickup to compete against Nissans NP300 we will have it, Latin America is buying them very well, so Chrysler might soon give us a smaller pickup than the Dakota to compete in Central and South America, remember. Chrysler needs to make business and not everything in the world is USA. If that pickup comes out from the pipeline, it will also have a presence in Europe, and middle East, its not that easy, they are working on it.
Here in Brazil, midsize pickups sells like hot cakes!
They are priced from US$ 35,000 to 70,000... belive me. It's a market around 150,000 units a year. It's a cash cow.
Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford and GM all have their own model.
Dodge made the 1st gen Dakota here with relative sucess.
Rumors here is that Ram is developing a midsize truck for FIAT, to be produced in the new factory of Goiana. I hope so.
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