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Is there any difference or they are similar? Rear struts on Sebring &#

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Hi everybody,

Looking for rear struts on my Sebring LX '02 2.4L DOHC Sedan
Looking for Mopar original

Found two part numbers:
4879188AA - - $68.25
4782998AC - - $22.54

As understood
4879188AA for 2001-2002 .2,4-2,7
4782998AC for 2004-2005 2,4

I wonder, is there any difference between this struts?
Will 4782998AC fit my '02 Sebring? and ebay offer many (non-Mopar) struts for Sebring/Stratus 96-06 years or at least 01-06

Can anyone comment this question?

p.s. shows one part number for 01-06 years as well
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ImperialCrown said:
I would have to run your VIN to see which suspension you have, if it matters.
Thank you for your reply,


Looks like mine is SDA - normal duty suspension

So, i can put 4782998AD on my '02 Sebring and will get less comfortable suspension then?
But they will fit anyway? Or i have to replace strut mounts?
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