Have we just seen the first 2020 Jeep Wagoneer? This vehicle, shown with the brake lights on and then with the amber turn signal, was spotted on the streets by James Ramsay, who posted it to Allpar's Facebook page.

Further reflection and investigation shows it might not be the first clear shot of the Wagoneer, though.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer? or Jeep Grand Commander?

By comparison, we can see a Jeep Grand Commander running around Michigan streets below.  It appears to be the same car, suggesting that FCA US is still running Grand Commander mules, either to test a new powertrain for China or (one can hope) to test US-compliant powertrains for a Chrysler-badged crossover.


Grand Commander in Michigan

Why not sell the Grand Commander as a Jeep in the US, you may ask? According to those who told us about the Chrysler-branded plan, it wouldn’t just muddy the Jeep buyers’ waters by adding yet another vehicle to an already large portfolio; it also wouldn’t meet all of Jeep’s requirements for off-road acumen, because of the longer wheelbase (it would need a corresponding increase in body height which clearly isn’t shown in these photos). On the other hand, executives have been known to change their minds.

Both the Wagoneer and next-generation Grand Cherokee are set to be produced when Chrysler is done building the new Mack Avenue plant—work which has been moving quickly. According to past Allpar information, the Grand Commander is set to debut in the United States as a Chrysler, replacing the current Dodge Journey.

Thanks to James Ramsey for sending in clear photos of a rather upscale-looking Jeep being tested on American roads.