The Dodge Dart will die in September. Long live the Dodge Dart.

The Fiat Viaggio, essentially a Dart with a lower-cost suspension (hatchback, too, with Ottimo), will soon enter its second generation.  Could the Viaggio be that Dart replacement we’ve heard about? Perhaps, this time, including the “Ottimo” hatchback form?

2018 Dodge Dart?

If the 2018 Dodge Dart came in early-to-mid 2017, it would come just as the current stockpile of Darts was sold out.  Volvo and GM have both shown that Americans have no compunction about buying a Chinese car if it doesn’t have a Chinese name. (The Viaggio could also be added to the mix in Brazil or Italy, or at a joint venture plant in Turkey, Serbia, or elsewhere.)

A low-end Hurricane turbo-four would be fine for this car, generating an easy 240-260 horsepower, with a base 2.0 for economy buyers and a 1.4 turbo just to get that “41 mpg” rating. The cheaper Viaggio suspension would allow for lower prices, especially if they kept the six speed automatic instead of adding a nine-speed.

We don’t know what’s in the future, we do know that there’s a replacement for the Dart coming — and it could be a Dart.