The folks at oddly-named boutique site AutoBison have come up with a rendering of the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which they claim was created based on leaked photos .

2022 grand cherokee?

If AutoBison is correct, the Grand Cherokee will give up its long-held “curvy” design for something more along the lines of the original XJ—or, for that matter, a current Chevy Suburban or prior-gen Range Rover.  The site's writers expect a flatter roofline, far more upright front end (which is the primary difference between that and the Cherokee), and very few retro cues.

According to the site, the new Grand Cherokee will have a roughly five inch longer wheelbase for a larger second row and more cargo capacity. It's riding on a platform/architecture adapted from “Giorgio,” which, depending on who you believe, was created entirely by Italians or by a cross-national team representing both old-Fiat and old-Chrysler.

oh2o has reported that UConnect 5 screens will be available in 7, 8.4, and 10 inch variants; a 360° camera will be available as well. For more speculation, and a direct photo-comparison to the current Grand Cherokee,  check the original AutoBison story .