Allpar has been told that there will be no Ramcharger — no large Ram SUV. Instead, Jeep and Dodge or Chrysler will get large Ram-based SUVs.

But what would it look like, if it were to exist?

Rendering artist DarkSky applied his magic brush to the 2019 Ram, to provide some indication of what a RamCharger could look like. As for what we’ll actually get, chances are the main differences will be in the side body sculpting, hood, and grille, since those would make it all too clear that the Wagoneer or big Dodge or Chrysler were Ram-based.

As for those who suspect a Ram-based Wagoneer would disgrace the Jeep name — look up off-road reviews of the 2017 Ram Rebel, and imagine something that’s even more capable. The new Wagoneer might be a good match for the original.