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It's not cool running hot (part 1a)

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Sorry this is so late. But I love reading Daytona Stories no matter how old.

OK going to Englishtown NJ was fun.
my car ran fine on the way down. 80 - 90 mph (nobody is watching rite?)
But I had a nagging feeling it would be a bad idea to race.
now south jersey is really down south because driving down was a brease.
Now driving back north was a strain.
Im talking up hill the whole ride. so the car was starining.still running 60 - 70 plus mph
but the heat was rising. the more I pushed the hotter it got.
Now CudaPete turned on the heater (it being hot outside no ac) we were cooking.
the digital dash now flashing *hot hot hot* We slowed to about 70
letting every body pass. we drove home.

Now the story continues.
I changed the oil (had no idea bad oil in a turbo motor makes it run hot)
drained the old antifreeze added water and cleaner to system which tells you to run for
about 5 days then drain it. And I changed both hoses. The old ones had date marks 1988
original ... who knows.
The car is running cooler. I drive it to work 2 - 4 days a week.

CudaPete and I got caught in a serous down pour the other day (Matts)