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When I retired she bought us a Ford Diesel pickup/5th wheel trailer.
While I was still working, and after that Ford etc was gone we had a succussion of Mopar Vans.
First was an 86 stick shift which died a horrible death. Ungodly expensive to own, but a geat Van for working out of.
Then on up to this 99 T&C, fully featured, she's got now.
Once again its been an ungodly expensive thing to own. Walter P Chrysler needs to be dug up and reburied under a big pile of those misbegotten, poorly engineered Transmissions.

Overall, I like those Vans. If I had my in winning the lotto, I'd buy a brand new T&C with all the features.
It's because I like this van a lot. It's handy from any part of the families outlook.

On this unrechable, other part of my Retirement dreams,
I'd find a DeSoto/Chrysler Wagon from the late 40's or early 50's and install the 3.3 engine in my 'New' wagon.

Back in those days I worked on those big ol' luxury rides.
Boy did I love the Test Drive after the Repair part of that expeience.
We got a load of: "Too expensive to let the Dealer do it" cars from our local people.
The Rust and Degenerative Road damage made any repair a big ol' PITA.

Those Hemi's with the Dual Point distributor!
I was just a kid then. I learned the hard way, but I'd win every time.
Chrysler finally figured out another way to keep the fire in the plugs longer.

Manolive!!!! You talk about getting bit!
Dad used to ground his elbow and grab the plug wire to check the Ign.
WOW! after that first Elbow based, Electronic Ign Test, he decided to get out of the business.

Looking back, I've really enjoyed my Mopar adventures.
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