One week ago, on June 16th, TV comedian, talk show host and car collector Jay Leno acquired Chrysler Ghia turbine car #991242. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The car was one of three that had been preserved by Chrysler; the other two will remain in the Chrysler collection.

Bill Carry, former National Turbine Service Coordinator for the Chrysler evaluation program in the mid-1960s, came out from Detroit, Michigan to help Leno with the initial start-up and basic preventive care of the 45 year-old gas turbine-powered car. Under Carry's direction, Leno and his crew made a few minor repairs to the car, like fixing a passenger-side window that would not lower properly, and checked it over completely before taking it to the streets of Burbank.

Bill Carry and Jay Leno talk about the Chrysler Turbine Car.

Leno firmly believes cars are to be driven, not just to sit collecting dust. Within two days of receiving the turbine car, he had already added 75 miles to the odometer and is pleased with his latest acquisition. Leno said he has wanted a Chrysler Turbine Car since he first saw one.

Thanks to Mark Olson of . Photo by Mary Carry.