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Trying to keep my rant out of the mainstream MOPAR section. I'm not impressed with what has been going on since Daimler wrestled control away from Chrysler. I had a 1968 and a 1969 Charger and was more impressed with how the Magnum fit into its segment than the 4 door Charger. Amazing how from great the Sebring went so wrong it had to be to sleep. As good as Dart is its beginning to look like it got the wrong name. Couldn't the corporate people come up with a better Jeep name for the latest than emasculating what was once a good soldier, And how the heck do you fit a console in a work vehicle? Sure all of this is done for profit but the rest of the world isn;t catching on.

When are these people going to get their act together and come up with a vehicle that sells on its own merit rather than filching a successful name in hopes of lifting their sales.

The only things I really like with what has been going on is the 300 and 200 upgrades and the fact that interiors and some mechanicals getting better,

My last Chrysler vehicle may be the Avenger, my way of giving a one handed salute to the automotive world and have some of last the affordable fun to boot. Not sure where I'll go after that.

I will probably always be a Chrysler person because there enough old true Chrysler cars with blocks of iron and unbreakable transmissions that can handle real boost to keep me happy.
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