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If my jeep wrangler is 5 degrees or more off level the oil doesn't show up at all on the stick. If its level it shows up a bit above perfect. I went to the dealer and they said its normal for the 2013 penastar 3.6 wrangler. So if I park not level oil does go where it needs. Then I turn off my engine. I hear the bearings going (engine noise). So I'm asking is the engine defective? I don't want a worthless engine. I also think this is why they are rushing out for a new engine for 2016.

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Welcome to Allpar. See your dealer about the engine noise. Verify the correct dipstick part #. If you don't get a satisfactory answer from the service advisor, you are welcome to speak with the service manager.
From TSB # 09-001-12:

Improper Reading of the Oil Level Indicator on Dipstick
Verify that the dipstick is fully seated in the tube. Verify the dipstick tube is fully seated in the engine block. When checking the oil level, make sure the vehicle is on a level surface and the dipstick is wiped clean before taking an oil level reading and fully depress the dipstickuntil the shoulder bottoms out on the dipstick tube.
NOTE: The dipstick must be the proper part number for the engine/vehicle that is being checked.
CAUTION: Operating the vehicle with an oil level that is below the minimum level indicated on the engine oil dipstick can result in severe engine damage.
Repairs resulting from operating an engine with insufficient oil are not covered under the terms of the New Vehicle Warranty.
Some engines require more time than others for the oil to drain back into the crankcase.
The vehicle should be allowed to sit for at least 15 minutes, after the engine has been shut off, before taking an oil level reading. To ensure an accurate reading, the temperature of the oil should be close to the same temperature as the last time the oil level was checked.
Under or Over Oil Fill after an Oil Change
After an oil change, verify that the proper amount of oil was put in the engine and that the oil level on the dipstick is not above the full mark or below the add marks. Refer to the Owner Manual or Service Information for information on recommended oil quantity.
Correct Oil Type
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