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Jeep Grand Cherokee Leaky Power Steering

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Heard the Jeep give off a louder groan than normal when turning into the driveway.

Looked under and saw p-steering fluid dripping underneath. Found fluid very low in reservoir.

Filled and tested power steering but when I looked under I saw that it is leaking at a somewhat quick drip.

I can't tell where its coming from by looking under, but its soaking pretty good.

If I was to educatedly guess, it's coming from really close to the front drivers side.

I suspect doom, but with you're help, I'm hoping I'm thinking wrong.

What do you all think it might be.

Thanks in advance.
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Need to degrease the area and find the leak source. No guessing here, it could be many different things from cheap to not-so-cheap.
I hosed it off and it seems to be coming from a U-Shaped power steering line with metal crimps/clamps on them. The outer edge of the crimps have fluid all around them and under that u-shaped hose it drips to the floor.
That would be the cheap, relatively easy fix.
Got both power steering lines replaced and that seems to have fixed it. :clap:

Thanks everyone for all the help!! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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