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Good Day Ladies and Gents,

Own a 10' Jeep Lib, with 26.8k on the clock. At 24.8K had an oil leak problem from the rear crank seal dealership serviced; problem repeated again @ 26.8K. It is at the dealership now and now they don't want to repair it. Dealerships says there is sand in the bell housing causing the rear seal to prematurely wear out. I think that is a bunch of bull. I do go serf fishing and do not drive agressively at all on the beach. Dealership says they want Chrysler to give them a better seal. I asked them about the crankshaft and they say it's fine.

Anyone have knowledge of a rear seal failing after mildly off-roading? Ideas or questions I should be asking the dealership?

My next step is contacting Chrysler then a lawyer.


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I don't buy the sand story either. The bell-housing is well-sealed from the elements.
Is the seal journal OK with no nicks or scratches? Is the crank end-play within spec?
Crank seals are generally not a problem on these. Are they sure that it is a rear crank seal oil leak?
Gather your repair orders with dates and mileages. Get any further conversation or documentation in writing or e-mail. 'Being told' or 'he said' doesn't count.
The service manager should be willing to help. He needs good numbers. If not, contact the dealer zone service representative.
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