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Local affiliates have their own news which is not part of the usual corporate talking points. In this case the story appears to be accurate.

They really should have interjected some knowledge into this: “"He starts the car, removes his foot from the clutch, and you know what happens? The Jeep jumps and kills my client," said attorney David Femminineo” - you know, like, “Cars with manual transmissions are designed to move forward when the clutch is released.”

The comment by the writer “That’s the law.” shows they were willing to interject their own ignorance opinion into the story. A good reporter would have gone to another lawyer or perhaps a state authority for a comment on whether that makes sense and what part of the law they might be quoting.

Instead they got the entire story from the one lawyer - which is piss-poor reporting, even for a TV station (of any network).

I appreciate that no allpar person went on a long rant about bad government. We have no idea if the judge will dismiss this case instantly. We have no idea if there really is a Michigan law allowing this. Nothing but the word of one morally bankrupt lawyer.

Shame bar associations don't kick people out more easily.
I will point out that the local affiliates may have corporate owners like Sinclair that do require certain stories to be aired to push a narrative. Not saying that's occurring in this case, but it is possible in other stories.
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