Not that many years ago, Chrysler Group had a problem with low resale value, because too many cars were sold via heavily discounted fleets and severe incentives.

Yesterday, J.D. Power announced that three FCA vehicles had the lowest depreciation rate in their segments (Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Jeep Wrangler).

More impressive, the Ram 3500 actually had the lowest depreciation rate in the industry, while Jeep was the best-rated brand for depreciation, overall.

That’s a hefty improvement from past years, and may be pegged to increases in retail sales and more-controlled incentives. Customers may also see Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles as having higher quality than in the past.

The 2018 awards were based on 650,000 sales (to dealers) of three-year-old cars. 244 car models, divided into 25 categories, were involved in the study. FCA did not compete in every category, e.g. “small premium SUV.”

Toyota swept the most categories, with eight category wins for Toyota and three for Lexus. GM did well, too, on that basis, winning with the Escalade, Tahoe, and Corvette (no FCA equivalents), and edging the Challenger aside with the Camaro in "midsize sporty car."