There haven’t been a lot of 2.0 liter engines made so far, if a new Cherokee recall (NHTSA #18V344000) is any indication. Just 14 vehicles in the US, and one elsewhere, are being recalled because the engines may have been built without valve-stem keepers, which may allow the valve to drop into the cylinders. One other engine in the recall has a reversed camshaft cam, which can damage the camshaft bearing.

2019 cherokee on the beach

Affected engines were built from February to April 4, 2018. The company determined the specific vehicles by using photographs from the Trenton Engine plant. The issue was discovered by a team leader in Trenton on March 14; the same day, the plant started reviewing every engine photo (17 photos per engine). They found that 14 vehicles were built without valve stem keepers,  one of which was sent to another country (most likely Canada).

The review of photos was finished on April 17. On April 23, the plant sent a rapid-response request to FCA US Quality, and on May 3 it opened and investigation. The recall started on May 21. So far there are no field reports of problems, suggesting the Jeeps may not have reached customers yet.

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

The Jeep Wrangler “JL” is also being recalled, because 539 (in the US) 2018 Wranglers may have an improperly welded intermediate steering shaft which may split. The company reported that the recall should begin by July 14; the Chrysler recall number is U48 and the Federal campaign number is 18V34300.

Most JLs do not have the problem; there are two suppliers for the shafts, and most of the shafts delivered were free of defects. The recall only covers JLs made on January 30-31, 2018. The problem may cause loss of center positioning and steering responsiveness under high steering-wheel torque. In tests, the suspect shafts failed fatigue durability tests after around 57,000 cycles, so chances are the company caught it in time; and there have been no field reports of failures.