Yesterday, at the national U.S. dealers’ convention, Jeep announced timing for the upcoming Jeep Scrambler, Wrangler Pickup, or Jeep Comanche — depending on which name rumor is accurate.

The big date — when the new vehicle will hit showrooms — is April 2019, according to Automotive News .  The article implies that the vehicle will simply be called Wrangler Pickup, ignoring the historical Scrambler name as well as the less-historically-applicable Comanche name. (The Scrambler was based on the Jeep CJ, predecessor of the Wrangler, while the Comanche was based on the mainly-unit-body Cherokee.)

Allpar source Sean Rich told us that the base engine would be the gasoline V6; the diesel V6 shows up as an option (no word on the four-cylinder, whose availability may depend on how quickly FCA can get production going).

Jeep Scrambler front

The unconfirmed tow rating is 6,500 pounds — impressive for the size.

The original 1981-85 Jeep Scrambler had just 82 horsepower in its base engine, with a 110 hp optional six; it could only tow up to two thousand pounds.   See our Jeep Scrambler rumor roundup.