The Jeep Scrambler — or Wrangler Pickup, depending on how Auburn Hills wants to play it — is supposed to be produced roughly a year after the Wrangler JL starts up. The delay will give FCA a chance to wind down Wrangler JK production, do some much needed plant maintenance and upgrades, and such.

Allpar source Sean Rich told us that the base engine would, as with the Wrangler, be the gasoline V6; the diesel V6 shows up as an option (no word on the Hurricane Four). Chances are the 2019 Wrangler JL will also have a diesel option, though not at first.  Export Wranglers will have a 2.2 liter diesel option.

Jeep Scrambler front

The unconfirmed tow rating, according to this source, is 6,500 pounds — impressive for the size of the Scrambler.

The original 1981-85 Jeep Scrambler had just 82 horsepower in its base engine, with a 110 hp optional six; it could only tow up to two thousand pounds.   See our Jeep Scrambler rumor roundup.