On August 21, 2014, Mike Volkmann told Allpar that QNX, which supplies Chrysler UConnect’s operating system, had developed a  new system that “reduces engine harmonics below 150 Hz”  by detecting ambient noise, then generating anti-noise signals (equal in magnitude and opposite in phase to the noise) through existing speakers.

The system will be available in the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, according to a recently issued press release:
"Mindful of improving refinement while preserving the Grand Cherokee SRT's high-performance character, engineers developed an Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) system. Using the vehicle audio system and four strategically located microphones, it automatically introduces sound to the cabin."
qnx noise reduction system

Prior systems generally relied on hardware processing, while this is a (mostly) software solution which taps existing software and signal processors.

The QNX system was designed to deal with changes in the number of passengers and cargo in the vehicle, seat positions, temperature, and such. It provides automaker with a choice of using a master calibration among many cars, or individually calibrating each car on the assembly line.

Allpar had predicted its use on cars such as the 300C and Grand Cherokee, as well as high-end Fiat brands, which share Chrysler’s QNX-based UConnect systems. The 2015 300C has yet to be released.

Thanks, Mike Volkmann.