This morning, FCA teased a Jeep that will be on display at the upcoming 2020 Chicago Auto Show. We don’t have any details, but according to this morning’s brief statement, “Mopar will showcase a Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) limited edition” model in the Windy City. The press release also points out that “Mopar offers more than 200 Jeep Performance Parts; quality-tested parts and accessories specifically designed and engineered for off-road performance enthusiasts.”

The statement doesn’t actually state that it is a Wrangler, but based on the seat in this sole teaser image, it definitely looks like a JL Unlimited. We can see that it has Mopar tube doors, a set of beadlock wheels, beefy BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires and a Jeep Performance Parts decal. It also has a black hard top, but there isn’t much else to be drawn from this rear-end shot.

What we know is that this is a limited edition Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with Mopar beadlock wheels, aggressive mud tires and tube doors. Frankly, it seems unlikely that Jeep would offer a production Wrangler with tube doors, but it would be pretty cool. Needless to say, if Jeep is making a production Wrangler that actually looks like the rear end shot shown here, it should be a smashing success with the Jeep enthusiast community. Even if tube doors, decals and the wheel-and-tire package are the only distinct attributes, a package like that would surely be a hit with hardcore Jeepers.

Unfortunately, the Chicago Auto Show is still two weeks away, so we will have to wait a while before we get the full details on this mysterious limited edition Jeep Wrangler.