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Jeep to launch electric Land Rover Defender rival by 2025 (Recon)

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From the article:

The Recon will sit alongside the Wrangler, confirmed Jeep’s European boss, Antonella Bruno, but the two cars will have slightly different sizes and positions in the range.

“The Recon in Europe will be a white-space car,” said Bruno. “It’s a unique car, very boxy and very capable. It will sit in a lower part of the [market] segment to the Wrangler.”

Full article here:

Jeep to launch electric Land Rover Defender rival by 2025 | Autocar
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I still look at the Recon and say it looks designed to slot lower than your average Wrangler. It does not look like a vehicle designed to go up against LR it looks like it's designed to go against Bronco and 4runner. I could see it reaching 60k, but I'm thinking it will start closer to the 35-40k, mark. Jeep Already had the Wagoner and GC families to play in the higher end. What jeep needs is a volume model that can sell 150k a year and 60-90k vehicle is not that.

Also this is one of the most interesting new vehicle releases I've seen in a while since there seem to be vastly different opinions on where this vehicle slots and Jeep is not really making it clear themself.

It looks like most of the pricing is people just using the 4xe price and saying that's it.
I have owned a number of solid axle 4x4's none had death wobble and lots of them were older with high miles. If the JL is really having death wobble regularly at 10k miles, it seems like there must be something seriously wrong with the design or the strength and durability of the parts used. At some point, a suspension redesign or newer components must be cheaper then rework. I still say given the history of the straight axle there is always some risk of death wobble but it shouldn't happen from the factory.
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