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JeepSpeed Allpar Outlaws: Class 3700 Racing

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2012 Vegas-to-Reno Allpar Outlaws event
2012 Blue Water Desert Allpar Outlaws event

The popular Jeepspeed racing series has spawned a new unrestricted class, the Jeepspeed Allpar Outlaws; the "Class 3700″ rules open competition to powerful desert racing machines, though they must still be recognizable as a Jeep or Dodge.

Jeepspeed has been around for ten years, and its web site gets over 500,000 hits per month. It was created by Clive Skilton, who owned Don-A-Vee Chrysler Jeep when it was America's top volume dealer (he sold the dealership to AutoNation in 1998). Jeepspeed races are televised on the NBC Sports Channel.

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Three races remain in the Allpar Outlaws Trophy Cup series, powered by Jeepspeed. They are:

  • August 17-18, General Tire Vegas to Reno Challenge: Starts around 80 miles north of Las Vegas on August 17, and finishes outside Reno in the early hours of the next day.
  • October 12-14, Bluewater Desert Challenge (Parker, Arizona): Contingency row on Friday the 12th, then two short races on Saturday and Sunday mornings at a great location on the Colorado River.
  • November 30-December 2, the Jeepspeed Finals (Henderson, Nevada): Contingency downtown Henderson (east of Las Vegas) on Friday and the full race at the California-Nevada state line area on Saturday.

The top three teams are competing closely so far, with Team 1 at 140 points, and Teams 2 and 3 tied with 130 points. Teams signed up for the Allpar Outlaws series are:

  • Bob Mamer (3704), Jeep Cherokee (Team also includes Dave Turner, K.J. Wycuff, and Victor Lopez)
  • Clive Skilton (3707)
  • Simonson family (3722) (Chase, Dan, Mikki, and Chad)
  • Dennis and Matt Beckwith (3723)
  • Victor Almeida (3725)
  • Garth Sweetland (3726)
  • Peak Empire Racing (3736) (team consists of Ted Holt, Gary Cann, John Coleman, and Jimmy Penner)
  • Greg Jackson (3738)
  • Kathy and Jerry Simonson, Kelsey Mueller (3767)
  • Brandon VanTassel (3793)
  • RDM Offroad (3777), ZJ Grand Cherokee (Brandon Berge, Joe Reyes, Scott Harvey, Lee Orr)
  • Jeff Krellwitz (3797), the 2010 champion
  • Billy Bunch (3799), TJ Jeep Wrangler with 4.7 crate motor (team also includes Tareck Karam and Craig Johnson)
  • John and Chase Rather (Wrangler being built; no team number yet)

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Team 3707 is the designation for Clive Skilton's own effort in a Jeep Cherokee (XJ). It won at the Mint, driven by former Trophy Truck driver and recent Dakar Rally class winner Darren Skilton, with former Jeepspeed Challenge Champ Barrie Thompson.

2012 Vegas-to-Reno Allpar Outlaws event
2012 Blue Water Desert Allpar Outlaws event

In the Mint race, the Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws class was won by #3707 Darren Skilton (placing second overall in the morning race) with Bob Mamer's XJ second, and Brandon Berge's ZJ Grand Cherokee third. In the Parker race, the class was won by Billy Bunch's LJ Wrangler with Bob Mamer's XJ second, and Brandon Berge's ZJ Grand Cherokee third. In Vegas-to-Reno, the class was won by Dan, Mikki, Chase, and Chad Simonson, followed by Billy Bunch, Brandon Berge, and Ted Holt. The other Simonson entry did not finish.

The restricted Jeepspeed class (1700) runs 4.0-liter six-cylinder Jeeps.

Racing Report: Chase Simonson

Chase Simonson, Team 3722, races a Jeep TJ (Wrangler). He wrote,

I'm a 16 year old offroad racer from Puyallup, Washington. My dad and the rest of our family/race team (Simonson Racing) have been offroad racing for three generations. We mainly raced short course style tracks in Washington starting as lap drivers (steering only) in our lightweight tube chassis Jeeps at around the age of four, progressing to full on racing whenever the kids were ready (around age 6).
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When my dad was paid to build a rhino to race Vegas to Reno, he started learning more about desert racing. After the job was finished my dad was offered a spot co-piloting the rhino, and needless to say, he was hooked. Soon after, he and his brother built a silver Jeep Cherokee 1700 that they raced together and started our race team. Later we built another, a blue Jeep Cherokee 1738, which ran us some good races in the past years, leading us to taking 9th place in points last year.

The urge for more suspension and the need for speed took effect, and my dad and I started to build our first 3700 cup challenge Jeep. We finished the Jeep mere hours before loading up and heading out to Vegas for the 2012 Mint 400. We ended up blowing two front shocks by the second pit of the first lap. We had spares, changed 'em, and we were up and running. As my debut in the desert, I got to run the rest of the race and finish fourth in the 3700 class.
Jeepspeed Allpar Outlaws Class Rules

The Jeepspeed / Allpar Outlaws class is an extension of Jeepspeed Challenge rules; the latest version is on the Jeepspeed Web site. This is a summary:

  • The Jeepspeed / Mopar Outlaws is for Jeep or Dodge sport utility vehicles and light trucks that are recognizable as a Jeep or Dodge by brand grill, hood and fenders.
  • Vehicle that conform to SCORE, BITD or King of the Hammers stock and open production based classes may be acceptable, but all potential competitors have to be cleared by the organizers. All vehicles must conform to Best in the Desert ( ) race sanctioning body's rules.
  • Best in the Desert ( rules apply unless modifications are specifically allowed.
  • There is a $150 registration fee for the issuance of a permanent race number. There is a $100 per year renewal fee to retain that number. This registration expires Dec 31st of each year.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Transport Car Automotive exterior

  • The maximum overall track width is 85", measured at the widest point of each tire. Maximum SUV wheelbase is 116 inches but no more than +/- 6 inches variance from originally equipped. Stock wheelbase pickups will be issued a variance on this dimension if retaining the complete frame. If the vehicle frame is modified (as per rule the wheelbase will be restricted to 116" maximum.
  • Shocks may not protrude through the hood. Maximum front wheel travel is 15" as measured from metal to metal. The shock absorber or shaft will not be used in this calculation.
  • Race gas is permitted and safety fuel cells are required.
  • The engine block may be any 4/6/8 cylinder used in Jeep/Mopar/AMC/Chrysler/Dodge but must be a production block or available in crate form to the general public in the USA. The engine block may be modified but must maintain the same number of cylinders as originally equipped. Heads must be available to the general public in the USA. They must maintain same number of valves as engine was originally equipped. 4 or 6 cylinder engines may be turbo or supercharged. (Race vehicles that comply with basic rules dimensions that were constructed and raced prior to Jan 1st 2012 may continue to use the maker of engine as previously raced.)
  • Vehicles must weigh a minimum of 3500 pounds.
  • Stock frames or Jeepspeed approved custom frames are allowed.
  • The original wheelbase +/- 6" must be retained on SUVs but must not exceed 116". Jeepspeed will approve stock wheelbase on pickup trucks using complete frame. Stock frames may be notched 8" at front of frame for ground clearance as long as the top of the frame rail is not modified. The rear frame behind the driver and passenger area may be removed and replaced with tube frame as long as the wheelbase rules are not violated
  • Hoods, trunk lids, fenders and/or bedsides, and doors are required to be in the original stock locations but may be of any material. Dropped hoods are allowed as long as stock profile is maintained.

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